Rental FAQ

What are the benefits of renting vs. buying? Back to Top

For beginners, especially young children, we recommend renting an instrument rather than buying for several reasons.  First, young children start with smaller size instruments and would need to change size frequently as they grow.  Since our rental program allows size exchanges at any time, this would eliminate the need to frequently buy another instrument every time your child is ready for the next size.  Secondly, renting allows first time players to get a feel of the instrument and decide if they would like to stick with it for long term without spending a lot of money from the start.  Furthermore, our Damage Protection Plan (insurance) that comes as an option under our rental program covers the cost of repairs due to accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and adjustment maintenance – some of these benefits are not available when buying.  Lastly, when you do decide to buy, 100% of the rental fee made (up to 32 months) can be used as credits toward the purchase of any full size instrument.

Why rent from Resonance Violins? Back to Top

We don’t just get our instruments from the manufacturer and rent it out as is.  We make sure that every single rental instrument is set-up (fingerboard planning, hand-carving bridge, adjusting/shaving of pegs), adjusted, and inspected at our workshop by our experts to professional standard before they are ready to go out to our customers.  This will ease the technical aspects of learning the instrument for the student and teacher. 

Benefits of renting from Resonance Violins:

  • We finish all our rental instruments with complete set-up, adjustments right here at our workshop
  • We install real ebony fingerboard and plane them to the correct height and curvature making it easier to play in tune
  • The arch where the bridge sits varies from instrument to instrument, which means that the bridge cut for one instrument cannot be used on another instrument. Each bridge is customized to fit that particular instrument.  Therefore, we hand-carve every bridge to the exactness of the required height & thickness.
  • We install real ebony pegs that are perfectly adjusted to fit the peg box which makes it easier to tune. We also install fine tuners on all of our rentals which helps with finer tuning.
  • All bows comes with real horse hair
  • 100% of your first 32 months’ rental fee can be applied as credits toward the purchase of a new 4/4 full size instrument.
  • All maintenance and repair jobs are usually done immediately for our customers to ensure that your child or you will never miss a concert waiting for your instruments to be fixed. If we cannot fix it right away, we will either replace it or lend you one for the time being.

How do I go about renting an instrument? Back to Top

To start, you would first need to figure out the size of the instrument you or your child need.  If you have received our contract through the school, then your child’s teacher should have already sized your child.   If you are not sure, don’t worry, stop in our shop and our staff will be more than happy to help size you or your child to the correct size instrument. Then, you would need to fill out a rental contract* -you would need a valid credit card, make the initial payment and you are good to go.  The whole process (if you come in person) will take about 15-20 minutes. 

*Rental contracts are available for pick up at our store or you may download the PDF version of the contract online. Fill it out completely and mail, fax or drop it off in person at our store. If you mail or fax your contract, we will contact you when your instrument is ready for pick up.

What items come with a rental? Back to Top

All rentals comes in a complete outfit including the instrument, bow, a pitch pipe, and a mini case rosin.  Other accessories such as shoulder rest/sponge, method books, cleaning kits, metronomes..etc. are available for purchase if needed.

What happens if I need to exchange for a bigger size? Back to Top

You can exchange your rental for another size at any time.  Exchanges will not affect your rental payments or terms of your rental agreement. 

What happens if I want to return my rental? Back to Top

You can return your rental at any time after the initial payment.  If you return your instrument before the 15th of the month, you will not be charged for that month.  If you return your instrument after the 15th of the month, you will be charged for the entire month’s rent.  Rental payments are not prorated.  If there is an overpayment in your account, you will receive a refund at the time of the return. 

My rental instrument was delivered to my child’s school at the beginning of the school year, can I return the instrument to school? Back to Top

Yes, for school districts that we service, you may return the instrument to the school.  However, please do not just leave the instrument there without notifying us.  To return instruments through a school, you MUST SUBMIT A REQUEST to Resonance Violins by phone, email, or mail in order to receive a confirmation of the request and have a pickup scheduled.  If the above instructions are not followed, you WILL REMAIN RESPONSIBLE for all charges and fees.  

When are monthly rental charged?  Back to Top

Rental payments are due on the 15th of each month.  Statements will be sent at the beginning of the month between the 1st – 5th of the month.  If you are on automatic payments via credit card, we charge all credit card auto-pays on the 15th of each month. 

Do I need a credit card to rent? Back to Top

Starting in January 2015, we require all of our rental customers to have a valid credit card number on file while an instrument is being rented.  This information is required as part of the rental application approval process regardless of your monthly payment method. Debit cards are not accepted.  The credit card holder becomes the responsible party for the account and should be the person (applicant) on the contract. 

Does the cost of renting go towards a purchase of an instrument? Back to Top

Our CREDIT TO PURCHASE OPTION allows 100% of your first 32 months’ rent(excluding insurance) as credit you can use towards a purchase of a brand new 4/4 full size instrument.  That credit can be used towards any model/level instrument at our store.  Of course, you can keep renting the instrument past the 32-month mark if you are not ready to purchase.  However, rental payments made after that will be treated strictly as rental fee for the use of the instrument and will not keep accumulating past the 32-month mark. The credit you accumulate (first 32 months) will remain valid as long as your account is active.  If you return your instrument and cancel your account, your accumulated credit will be valid for 30 days only.

What does the DAMAGE PROTECTION PLAN cover? Back to Top

Damage Protection Plan covers the repair costs due to accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and any maintenance related issues.  String replacement is not included in the plan. We highly recommend adding the Damage Protection Plan to your rentals especially for young children and children enrolled in school music programs where they are frequently transporting the instrument between classrooms, hallways, school bus, and home.  Accidents can and do happen, many times unintentional to even the most careful individual.  It is a small fee in exchange for peace of mind.